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Teeth - always coming or going

I haven't yet told you about the all day weaving extravaganza that vynehorn  and I went on last Friday, and I"m not going to right now, other than to say it was fabulous, I had more fun than I've had in a long time, I may need to do more of this, and I now know where my quadriceps are.  I will chat about that later, with pictures.  Right now, it's all about the teeth.

You may remember that back in March I had a root canal because I broke a tooth.  Yesterday I had the bridge put in that covers the new root canal from this March, the old root canal from twenty mumble years ago in the tooth that broke, and the gap in between from the tooth whose care had been bungled so badly that I finally had it pulled ten or so years ago because of ongoing infections.  The necessity of dealing with the broken tooth made it the perfect time to deal with that gap by having a permanent three tooth bridge put in.

Is "installed" the right word?  I keep wanting to use "installed," but that makes it sound more like a carburator or something.

My fabulous dentist installed the bridge early yesterday afternoon.  It is the WEIRDEST sensation, and honestly, it's driving me nuts.  I've had a missing tooth in that spot for about a decade, and now there's something there.  It's touching my cheek.  It's touching my tongue.  Most annoyingly, it's touching my gum.  It feels exactly like I have a big chunk of food or something stuck there that I need to clean out.

This morning I tried chewing on the new teeth, and that's another profoundly weird sensation.  Biting down in that spot naturally puts pressure on the bridge that then puts pressure on the gum - which hasn't had that sensation for years.  Right now, it feels very... fake.

Mind you, none of this is a complaint.  I'm very, very happy to have this dealt with and to finally have all my molars again (although writing the check SUCKED.)  It's just very... odd.  And very distracting.

I'm sure that by the weekend I'll be used to it.  But for right now it is the strangest sensation...
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