kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Public Incentive

I figure if I feel like I have to justify myself on Monday, it might provide some impetus.  This weeked I would like us to:

* Take the damn snow tires off the car.

* Spray the mountain laurels.  Okay, I don't *want* to, but we've come to far to stop now.

* Test the paint stripper on the back deck.  Just a test swatch.  Okay, a big test swatch probably, but a test swatch.

* Cut down the pine tree.  I'll lose my nerve again if we don't do it soon.

* Rake the leaf litter off of a little bit of the frontage.

* Try to move a big rock for a wood pile anchor.

* Check to see how off level the garage doors are.

Somewhere in there the old bookcases are hopefully going away, and somewhere in there I need to clean up my house for NEXT weekend, which is going to be disastrously busy.  I also have to make sure that Bob has time to do some work on the archery backstop frame.  If he can work on that and watch Charlotte at the same time, he can probably do it while I'm spraying the laurels - that's always good for a few hours of me not asking for anything.  There's a company function sandwiched in on Saturday, and the weather of course is the wild card.
Tags: yardwork

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