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Last Weekend

I meant to chat about Easter weekend.  Better late than never, right?

It was quite a weekend. Yet again, I needed a weekend to rest from my weekend.

Saturday had the potential to be restful, as Bob was out for the day. Unfortunately, Charlotte had an issue with that, and spent the entire day begging for daddy. The weather stank, so I couldn’t even distract her by taking her outside to watch mommy spray the mountain laurels. I did get my Easter baking done though, and the little girl both got into and out of her bath without any fuss – something of a milestone.

Sunday was Easter down at my parents, so basically we had dinner and then Charlotte ran us all ragged. It was nice outside for a while, so she dragged Bob down into my parents’ back yard. I think all that grass frightens her a little – it’s not something she sees anywhere else. Daycare has a side yard with swings and such that is mulched, and we have a tiny patch of yard with trees all around. Mom and dad have about an acre of lawn, and she’s not too sure about it. It was a nice visit, and we took mom’s Jeep with us when we headed home. Charlotte fell so limply asleep on the way that when we got to the house we were able to strip her and change her diaper pretty much without waking her up. The only problem was that she desperately wanted to curl up on her stomach like a pillbug – which she did every time I let go. So when I got her diaper off of her and into the diaper pail and turned around with a dry one – there was a little bare bottom sticking up into the air. It took both of us to unroll her enough to put the dry diaper on.

Monday was a furlough day for Bob, which is why I took the day off and borrowed the Jeep. We dropped Charlotte off at day care at her usual time and headed for Home Depot. Did you know that it confuses them when you try to buy a grill before 8:00 am on a weekday? I gather that isn’t usual. But they found someone who could run the forklift and pull one down for us, and we now have a grill that isn’t so rusted out that you can see through the holes in the bottom!  The one that *did* fit that description went to the curb Tuesday night for bulk pickup on Wednesday.  It disappeared long before the town had a chance to come take it.  

I think I’m going to get some celebratory lamb chops when Bob gets it put together. Yum.

After purchasing the grill, we headed home and unloaded it into my side of the garage. The less said about that procedure the better - we weren't communicating well. Once unloaded, we pulled out with the Jeep and my car and headed for my mechanic’s shop. The car was dropped off with no fuss, we both piled back into the Jeep, and we headed for Ikea in New Haven. Now understand – I had a whole time plan for the day worked out, listing so many minutes in transit, so many minutes for each stop, etc. Monday was a little micro-managed even by my standards, but Charlotte being at daycare was driving that. We *had* to be at the day care to pick her up by 5:00 (and preferably earlier,) and we had long stretches of highway travel in the day. The delay at Home Depot had me nervous, given that I had allotted thirty minutes to park, purchase, load, and leave, but despite that we ended up at Ikea about fifteen minutes before they opened. That left us time to get breakfast, which was a lovely thing because I was *hollow.*

The walk though Ikea went about like it usually does, although this time I only ended up with three things that weren’t on the list – two of them being stepstools for Charlotte. There were also a couple of things that I took notes on so that we can check our available space. Then we got to the self-serve furniture section and picked up all the pieces of bookcases for the wall in the library. I tend to forget how heavy those boxes are. Luckily we found everything on my list and nothing was out of stock. Loading took longer than anticipated – as I feared, they were too long even for the Jeep, so the strapping down had to be fairly elaborate in order to keep things from sliding. That lost us a lot of time, but I *did* get to watch a lady put a couple of very large boxes into a Mini – I was impressed. The drive home was loud with the hatch propped open, but completely uneventful. We’d lost thirty to forty minutes at Ikea (I’d only allocated an hour, which was overly optimistic), but I’d padded the allotted time for both the drive and the unload time, so by the time we had all the boxes piled in the library we were back within fifteen minutes of “on time” and paused for lunch. After teasing the cats with ham, it was back in the cars and off to my parents’ to return the Jeep. I’d allotted thirty minutes there, but I think we stayed about an hour. Back in the car to pick up Charlotte. Home for dinner, off to barony meeting. Long day.

I absolutely cannot wait to start setting up the new bookcases. First I need Bob to cut me some lengths of 2x4 so that I can elevate the back row of paperbacks to have them two deep. It’s still not ideal, but it’s going to work ever so much better than what I’ve been doing for years, which is *piling* them two deep. This will work because Ikea lets me buy extra shelves so that I can use up all that empty space for books instead of for air. It’s really going to be great. Of course, then I need to get the old bookcases out. I’ll put a note out to the barony list to see if anyone wants them, and if not they go to the Salvation Army. I’m SO excited about this. There will be one more large purchase of bookcases to replace the short ones out in the floor, and then I’ll have the setup I want. I’m oh so close.

Meanwhile, every morning this week I've had some variation on this conversation:

Me: "Charlotte, go get your shoes."
Charlotte: "Go bye-bye?"
Me: "Yes, we're going bye-bye.  Now go get your shoes."
Charlotte: "Bye-bye.  Gran-gran?"
Me: "No, we're not going to Grandma and Grandpa's.  Go get your shoes."
Charlotte: "Gran-gran!"
Me: "No, we're going to school.  Go get your shoes."
Charlotte: "Me see Gran-gran."
Me: "No.  Not today.
  Today we're going to school and mommy is going to work.  Go get your shoes."
Charlotte: "Oh."

Then she runs out and brings her shoes back.  You'll notice that I am still able to out-stubborn the two year old.  I guess she likes going to Grandma and Grandpa's.  This is good., but difficult on a Thursday morning.

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