kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

The lottery list - update

Knocked off a few, added a few.

Bookcases - wall

Nishka's teeth - Call vet.  Soon.
Tree trimming/removal - Call Jay.  Soon.  Okay - find Jay's number.  THEN call Jay.
Camp beds - make trip to Cabela's to look at interim options for Charlotte.
Repair watch - check paperwork to see if it actually went to NY last time.
Hot water heater - deferred for now, but do some research.
Front walk - make a materials list and crunch the actual cost.
Doors (first floor) - SO not happening.


Bookcases, floor - this year, but probably post-Pennsic.  Make a parts list and price out.

Non-mortise hinges - I really want to put the shutters back up in the library, but I need a lot of very expensive hinges that I'll have to order online.  I think I'll wait until I've paid off the current batch of bookcases.  In the meantime I'll work myself up to stripping the old paint off the shutters and off of the hinges I'm actually going to reuse.

Tub/shower faucet set - this is a sooner rather than later, because we have one shower head for two showers, and I'd like to replace the nasty old tub faucet since Charlotte isn't bathing in the kitchen sink any longer.

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