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Eloise and the Overly Amibitious Weekend

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of closing on the house. We would have gone out to dinner, but I lost a crown eating a cheese puff. Story of my life, that. I still find it ironic that this journal has become the saga of making my house less ugly and more me. Friends post about interesting things that they’re reading, artistic endeavors, and fascinating things in the news. I post about... paint. When I was younger I was sure that I’d be more interesting than this.

I have Overly Ambitious plans for the weekend. And yet, I feel like I’m slowing down and losing momentum. I hope that by the end of this weekend I can say that the entry/laundry alcove and the spare bedroom have been painted. They’re both involved projects, but in different ways.

The laundry alcove had awful red floral wallpaper. If I took before pictures, I’ll post them. I pulled the wallpaper down before Memorial Day, and I’d intended to finish up that weekend, but instead we refaced and painted the kitchen cabinets. It was a good swap off. But that area still isn’t done. God willing and the creek don’t rise, tonight I’m going to move the dryer out of the area, move the washer away from the wall, hit it with Dif and clean off the wallpaper glue. Then I’ll take down the icky cabinet doors (just like the old ones in the kitchen, only bigger,) and fill the screw holes. The plan at that point is to let the wall dry overnight, prime walls, ceiling, and cabinets Saturday morning, lay the first coat of color Saturday afternoon/evening, and then the second coat of color sometime on Sunday or Monday (preferably Sunday, so that I can do laundry on Monday.) Bob will have to drill and install the cabinet hardware for me, but that can happen whenever.

The spare bedroom is pretty straight forward, and as a plus the ceiling is already done. Tonight I’m hoping to finish emptying the furniture out of it. This is why I tried so hard to get the painting done *before* we moved in. Good intentions, and all that. Oh well. If I’m really a dervish this evening, I might even attack the wallpaper in that room tonight. I’m SO hoping that it will come down like the wallpaper in the first bedroom did. That was done in an evening. The hallway was the other extreme, so there are worlds of possibilities in between. But I digress. The wallpaper isn’t actually that bad and the colors are pretty enough that I’m keeping the color palette. But it’s peeling in spots, it’s full of nail holes, and I got paint all over the top when I was painting the ceiling. The *plan* is that wallpaper stripping happens tomorrow while the primer is drying downstairs. Then the walls need to dry. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get them primed tomorrow afternoon. If not, I’ll prime them Sunday morning. Hopefully there will be a color coat late Sunday afternoon. Second coat on Monday. Then I can move the furniture back in and hang the ceiling lamp. I want some hobnail milk glass lamps for in there, but I haven’t seen anything I like yet.

It just doesn’t seem like a lot, given some of the other things we’ve gotten done over long weekends but as I say, I’m slowing down. I did think it was worthwhile to summarize the painting projects left to do:

* The last bit of tan ceiling and green wall in the kitchen. I keep looking at it and finding other things to do. I dislike patching ceiling drywall.

* A few bits of cabinet that I couldn’t get to because of appliances. No rush.

* The *insides* of the cabinets. That might *never* happen.

* The downstairs bathroom: the ceiling needs to be painted (and a new ventilation fan installed), I’d like to paint the woodwork white, and I think I’m going to paint the walls north of the chair rail. It’s a lovely blue, but they painted around the sconces rather than behind them. So in order to install the new ones I bought, I need to paint the part of the wall that will now be showing. Rather than try to color match the blue, I’ll paint the top half cream. Less work and with white appliances and woodwork it should look sharp.

* The upstairs bathroom. It’s mauve. It’s the last really ugly room in the house. I’ve even got the paint already, I just need to get it done. Luckily we can use the downstairs full bath while I’m working on that.  There are fixture issues that are slowing me down.

* The doors to the eaves, the attic hatchway, and the window molding in the sewing room. Those are all still pink.  But until I actually organize that room I can't get to that stuff.  Currently the furniture from the spare bedroom is in there, so breath holding is not called for.

* The spare bedroom closet. It’s currently yellow. I don’t think I’ll get to that this weekend.

That’s it. I’ve painted everything else, God help me.

Also in the plans for the OAW:

We’re going refrigerator shopping. The Labor Day deals are too good to pass up. We’ll go take a look at the short list of models I made in the spring when the exising fridge started making horrific noises, and buy one. That’s exciting. So are the price tags.  I know people who have bought cars for less than some of these appliances cost!

My friend Suzanne is having her yearly picnic, and it’s always a lot of fun. This year I don’t feel like I have to rush home to keep painting, and I won’t begrudge the time away from the projects. I will, however, probably show up covered in paint again.

Put up, hose off, dry, and fold the pavilion for storage. We didn’t get to it immediately after Pennsic, and the weather hasn’t been right since. It was packed dry, so I haven’t worried. This weekend should be perfect to bang it up, hose off the soot and dust, and bake it dry.

Bob’s weekend is going to involve taking care of our assorted rotted bits of trim. I have no idea what that is going to involve.  I will help if summoned.

Isn’t it fun the way we spend our long holidays? But it’s so nice to see things coming together that I don’t mind too much. I can see how this long span of working on the house is going to result in a longer span of enjoying the house. It’s worth it.

Now we’ll see how much of that actually gets done. There’s always the possibility that I’ll decide to eat ice cream and read all weekend instead.  If I were a betting woman - I might bet on the ice cream.


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