kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

I need to win the lottery

This is strictly for my own use, because I may yet lose the scrap of paper it's all jotten down on.  There's a bunch of large dollar-amount things that we either need to do or want to do that need to be prioritized, and they currently live on a piece of note paper floating between my desk and my purse.

Brakes - the grindy noises are alarming

Grill - the bottom is right on the verge of falling out of ours from the rust


Nishka's teeth - the old lady's teeth are really bad, and that's not good for her.  Health screen AND sedation = large vet bill

Tree trimming/removal - Large trees.  Power lines.  I need a guy with insurance.  And a bucket truck.

Camp beds - we'll need something for Charlotte, and we've been meaning to buy one to have here in CT.  Do we want to do that now?

Repair watch - it's probably going to cost $500 or so to take my watch in.  But I *really* want it back.

Hot water heater - less of an issue than it has been, honestly.  Between replacing the tempering valve and the pressure tank, I'm not as worried.  Maybe this one can wait longer.

Front walk - looking at the rest of this list, I'm not feeling good about it this year.

Doors (first floor) - I'm thinking this is a pipe dream.

This all reminds me that I need to look up some repair information for the upstairs tub.  That project may be happening sooner rather than later...
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