kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

No, I haven't dropped off the planet

First I was busy, and then I was sick.

Last Wednesday was fine.  Thursday morning I had a slight sore throat.  By Thursday afternoon I had a very sore throat and severe muscle aches - I came home from work and went straight into a scalding hot bath (which felt like a small slice of heaven.)  By Thursday evening my throat felt like it was lined with broken glass and I was doing the alternating sweats and chills.  I would be lying in bed sweating, get up to use the bathroom, and would be shivering uncontrollably by the time I got back to bed.

At 2:00am I decided that I wasn't going to go in to work for Friday.

At 3:00am I decided that I was going to go to the doctor on Friday.

At 9:00am I decided that I was feeling a bit better, and perhaps I didn't need to waste everyone's time by going to the doctor.

At 9:20am Bob called to ask if I had an appointment time yet, since he'd offered to drive me.  I was up and getting dressed at that point, and that combined with the approaching weekend made up my mind for me - because if things didn't continue to improve, the only option on Sunday is the ER, which really isn't appropriate unless something is very wrong indeed.  Given that my ear didn't feel good either, I called and got a 12:00 appointment.

That would be strep throat.  To the point where he asked me if I was having any trouble breathing, and gave me instructions to go directly to the ER over the weekend if I wasn't feeling noticeably better on Saturday.  Oh my.  Well, at least I didn't waste anyone's time.  So he gave me a prescription for antibiotics for the infection and codeine for the pain.

Sidebar: have you noticed that the size of the pill they give you is proportional to the amount of pain swallowing entails?  As the pain gets bigger, so does the pill.  I swear those things are 3/8" to 1/2" long.

I can't remember the last time I've taken that many painkillers.  When I had H1N1 flu the other year, they tell me that I may have had strep at the same time - the rapid test was negative, but I had all the symptoms and they treated accordingly.  That said, I was so miserably sick from the flu that I don't really remember.  I don't remember much about that week.  This time however, I was in full possession of my faculties, and good grief - the pain!  I downed my codeine and went to bed for the whole weekend.  It's better now.

I don't ever want to have that particular bug again.
Tags: health

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