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My driveway is evil

Excitement all around last night. My basement now contains a much classier level of furniture. In addition to the two buy-it-flat-in-a-box filing cabinets that I want to give away to someone, and Bob’s big black shag ‘70’s lounge chair (which is super comfy, just ugly as hell), we now have my friend Eilis’ formal dining room set from her grandmother. Or rather, it is going to be rooming with us for a number of years until such time as she has her own dining room again. "What on earth are you doing putting more furniture in an over-full house?" I hear you say. Honestly, it takes less space than the junk that we’re planning to evict is currently taking, and how often do you get to do something nice for someone with this little effort? Heck, it’ll take up less square footage than the desk and the hutch that the previous owners "conveyed" that we’re going to ditch. So come April, it will still be a net gain.

 So I got home last night, grabbed the shovel, and promptly started excavating the basement hatchway. Careless of me not to have already done that, but the layer of ice on top of the six or so inches of snow from last Friday had been kind of off-putting. Turned out to be a good thing that this all happened, because we hadn’t noticed that the snow had piled up past the hatchway’s impoundment. Letting water into the bone dry basement would be bad! Once the hatch was clear I trampled a completely inadequate path through the snow to the front of the house, and started clearing the front steps. It’s amazing all the things you can use a wrecking bar for...

 When Bob got home he went down to try to repair *his* completely inadequate job of clearing the driveway. Which didn’t actually work. On cue, we have U-Haul; perky, annoyingly thin archeology student; and two very nice young men who were there as unpaid muscle. God bless people who bring their own moving crew. So Bob failed miserably to back the U-Haul up the driveway. I got to say "I told you so." At this juncture the nice young men toted the stuff up my evil driveway, through the snow that hadn’t been there a few days ago, and down into the disaster I call a basement. All very smooth. AND I finally got to give someone the tour, as this time I was neither on my way out the front door, nor incapacitated from falling down the stairs.

 Let’s hope it’s a trend.

 So the sideboard fits nicely between the pressure tank and the chest freezer. The table with it’s legs off *might* go into the crawlspace. I need to measure. If the clearance is tight, I’m not going to risk scratching it. Table legs – maybe under the sideboard, maybe in the crawl space. Chairs will probably go higgledy-piggledy here and there, and will definitely come in handy if we suddenly need more seating for dinner than what we have. Bales and bits and boxes: crawl space. It’s a damn good thing I found my knee pads in a box I cleared out last weekend. I have to admit, I’m eyeing the china cabinet, as my crystal would look awfully good in there if I could figure out a place to put it upstairs...

 I also ran out at lunch time and got paint chips for the spare bedroom, which is currently wallpapered in yellow cabbage roses with green leaves. It’s actually more attractive than it sounds. Soon, the people at the paint counter at every Home Depot in central CT are going to know me on site. I guess everyone needs a goal.

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