kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Full of all sorts of things

All of a sudden, since last weekend, Charlotte is FULL of words.  She's talking about and labeling *everything.*  She's talking about things that I didn't know she knew what they were.  She's VERY excited about pet food commercials ("puppy!!!!"), and looked at the NASCAR race this evening and said "cars!"  Everything she sees has to be labeled.  It's terribly cute.  Seriously though, all of a sudden the words are just overflowing and pouring out - which makes it easier for her to ask for what she wants: "oops book," "Not Hipp-mus" ("But Not the Hippopotamus" - that's a lot of syllables), "rabbit book," "napkin please daddy."

Like Hugh said - the automatic downloads are spectacular.  I suspect this one has been running in the background for a while, and only just installed.

Also, since Bob went off to the office today leaving me half-recovered with a full-energy two-and-a-half-year-old, there was nothing for it but to work on potty training.  So I put her in training underwear, got out the paper towels and the Simple Green, and tried to communicate the concept.  We never caught it ahead of time, but she was *very* aware when she was wet - even more so than in the cloth diapers.  She hates being washed up afterwards, and she is VERY enamored of underwear, so I figure it's a good start.  I figure just getting her aware of those functions is probably the first step.  I've ordered more undies, and we'll just keep having at over the weekends when we're home.

Now I need to convince her father to put her in the bath.  I got tagged with being the parent all day - it's his turn.
Tags: charlotte, milestones

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