kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Expensive Hobbies

Teeth, that is.

I went to the dentist bright and early this morning, having already lacerated my tongue bloody on the broken tooth.  Literally - I could look in the mirror and watch it bleed.  That's unnerving.  It took him... three minutes?... to knock off the sharp edges and points.  Even he commented on HOW sharp it was.

It turns out this tooth has an old root canal.  Very old.  Previous dentist over a decade ago old.  This is actually a good thing.  Behind the broken tooth is a gap where I had a problem tooth pulled almost as long ago.  Behind the gap is the back molar, whose tooth/filling ratio is sub-optimal.  That back molar has been on the list of teeth that need attention for quite a while now, but because it's been keeping quiet it's at the bottom of the list.  Not any more...

We've decided that the way to proceed is to root canal that back molar and use that post and the one from the tooth that just broke to anchor a three tooth bridge.  The tooth that broke needs a crown now.  The back molar is going to need a post and crown eventually, and I'm sick of the gap on that side.  So this will kill three birds with one stone.  It's a really expensive stone, though.

$2,300 out of pocket.  Ouch.

I find that I'm taking this better than I would have even a week ago.  Funny, that.

But it'll be really nice to be able to chew effectively on the left side again.  And at the moment I no longer feel like I have a mouth full of broken glass.
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