kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,


I have:

* a shiny new 32 gallon pressure tank (it actually IS shiny);
* a brand new whole house sediment filter (not shiny.  But new.);
* unclogged inlet filters on my washing machine;
* a new shut off valve for the washer - high enough to be able to pull the washer out;

I need:

* new valve kits for all the toilets;
* a bigger hose clamp for the dryer vent attachment;
* a new shower head for the upstairs bathroom.

None of the things I need are immediately critical.  The crud in the water has done a number on the valves, but they all still function - for the moment.  We'll get a contractor's pack of them, swap them as they need it and still have one on the shelf.  Since I was able to attach the dryer vent with some wiggle room, I realized that the damn clamp is too small - that's why we've had such trouble.  But they're attached - finger tight, and that'll hold us until we can get a better clamp.  The shower head from the downstairs bathroom has migrated to the upstairs bathroom, and that will do until I pick out a new one.

Hopefully tonight will bring that proper shower, with scalding hot water and good pressure.  And no chunks!

Pictures later.
Tags: basement, house

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