kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Dear SUV-driving dingbats

If you really want to know what I have in the trunk that badly, let's pull over and I'll show you.  I much prefer that to you trying to crawl your front bumper in there with me.  I drive well in the snow and ice, and I have good snow tires on.  I'm driving at a nicely comfortable pace with enough space to NOT hit the car in front of me if he should suddenly do something irrational - even if the anti-locks kick in and I slide.  YOU, sir, sitting God-like high above the traffic, alone in your waste of precious natural resources and reveling in your superiority complex, do NOT appear to drive well in the snow and ice, and may very well have crappy tires.  Yes, you may have four-wheel-drive, but that doesn't translate to four wheel *stop* in these conditions.

I think George Carlin said it best: "FIRST you learn to drive, THEN you buy your f***ing safe car."

And the winner in the "Most Likely to Meet a Bridge Abuttment" category is...
Tags: rant

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