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Lampworking - Pictures

I know - it's been over twelve hours since I posted any pictures!

So here are my sad results from the lampworking class the other weekend.  Since I've never done this before I'm reasonably pleased.  Forgive the quality of some of the pictures - my camera was being recalitrant about closeups, and I got tired of fighting with it.

Here's bead number two - it's the worst of the bunch, which is why I declared this picture to be "good enough:"

It was supposed to be round, but I pushed on it on the marver to see what would happen, and it squished.  Then it was going to be triangular, but it was uneven and that bothered me.  Then it got too flat on one side, and I decided it would just be flat.  I attempted dots.  Dots are hard, and you can't wipe away the stringy bits that you didn't intend to stick.

This is bead number three:

This is the one where a glob of hot glass fell in my lap.  It was supposed to be spirally, but I got distracted when the glob of hot glass dropped in my lap.  Despite not being what I had in mind, I think it's really pretty.

Here's bead number four:

I wanted a nice round, clean bead to end with, and I almost got it.  That little slant on the second photo emphasizes that I need to be more careful about the angle of glass to mandrel.

And I left the first for last.  Because in my anal retentive little world, what is not to love about this bead?  Especially for a first attempt?

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