kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Charlotte's first snow

She was really too little last year, and up until now we haven't been able to get her to wear her boots.  Today we MADE her put the boots and and took her outside.

She was NOT a fan.

New clothes are fun!

Hmm.  This is an awful LOT of new clothes at one time.  I'm not sure about this all of a sudden.

Oh, hey - outside!  I like outside!

What the hell is all this white crap?  I'm pretty sure I didn't approve it.

I'm pretty sure this stuff is bad for you, and I really don't want to walk in it...

It is NOT funny...

It BURNS, precious...

I can't believe I got out of there alive...

So, the first romp in the snow was less of a success than her snow-loving mommy might have liked.  But there's *years* left to indoctrinate her.  And given how she loves to bounce, I'm certain that she'll love to slide in the snow.  Once I convince her to walk in it...
Tags: charlotte, milestones

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