kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

How to put eight quarts in a five quart container

I have no idea WHY anyone but me might find this amusing, but here it is.  Because it amuses me.  See what six years in the legal department will do to your sense of humor?  Load Mom's Jeep in eight easy steps.  Ignore the time-lapse effect.  It took several tries to get all the steps.

Look - it's empty!

There's lots of stuff wedged under/around the chairs - boots, seagrass seat pads, the fire extinguisher.  Really - it's much more impressive than it looks.

Tent bits!  Four tubs all told, which really need to go in first because I want the weight sitting between the Jeep's axles.  Someday it's going to rain during the process, and I'm going to be in trouble...

More stuff.  Notice that the Kleenex box makes an appearance in all of the photos.  Unintentional.

Yet more stuff - including the box of mead that I Can't Drop.  Bob needs to drop it.  The box underneath has all my camera gear, which is my job to drop.  Something for everyone.

The clothes that won't fit in the rooftop carrier, the last bag of laundry (yum!), and everything that has to be on top so it won't get crushed.

All the other stuff that was still sitting on the grass when I gave up and just stuffed everything left into the back.

Side view.

So there it is.  Most of the laundry was in the car top carrier, and the poles were strapped to the roof.  I've made a concerted effort over the years to make sure that my parents never see how I load their Jeep.  I also honestly can't believe anyone is still reading this.

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