kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Getting there...

Walnut cookies both with and without sterling rings for the Yule feast: done

Acorn shaped cookies for the prize for the contest to name the boar's head: done

Basket for the acorn cookies: located

Boar's head: baking in the oven.  He's already lost an ear - we'll see if the patch holds.  I need to find a different way to do the ears.  They seem to be the weak point.  I'm checking every 15 minutes at this point.  Just need the pie crust to brown up...

To be done:

Find a cloth to line the basket

Transfer boar's head to platter.  Hopefully no ear reconstruction will be necessary.

Pack up prize basket.

Pack up walnut cookies with directions.


Clean up kitchen.
Tags: sca

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