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Ahhh - the end of vacation

I haven't even been reading LJ.  Sorry.  Kind of.

Let's see... what have I done?

Monday, got the boiler tuned up and the cats to the vet.  I believe there was also a nap.

Tuesday, sat on the couch with the television on.  Knitted.  Didn't even comb my hair - put on a hat to pick up Charlotte at daycare.

Wednesday, went to the chiropractor earlier in the day than usual.  Stopped at Whole Foods and failed to find Rescue Remedy for my stressed out cat; stopped at Wal-Mart for jeans (and caramel chips!); stopped at Advanced Automotive for new wiper blades (which I haven't put on yet); picked up Charlotte because daycare was closing early; stopped at the grocery store for... I forget what.  At the grocery store she begged and begged and begged for an apple, so I gave her a small one out of the bag I was buying (yes, I'm a bad person) figuring that giving her a whole apple would keep her busy and quiet.  After a little while, she handed me back the stem.  She ate everything else.  After dinner I made a couple of pies.  Rhode Island Greenings - yum.

Thursday - Thanksgiving at my parents' house.  Nice time with Mom and Dad, somewhere along the way I became the gravy person.  Mom kicked us out because she was having palpitations about the weather.  We took the long scenic route home because of a car fire on I-84 that we didn't want to be stuck behind.

Friday, went out and bought a Christmas tree.  I was PROFOUNDLY disappointed in Stew Leonard's.  Their trees have been gorgeous for years, and their staff helpful.  This year there was no staff in the tree area, almost no trees unwrapped to look at, and all the trees we looked at were already dropping significant needles.  We ended up getting a tree at Lowes.  They didn't have a lot of staff either, but their trees were out and apparently fresher (if still not what I'd expected to see.)  Was there a drought in Canada over the summer?  Because that's the only thing I can think of that explains the quality of trees.  After we got home Erica stopped over, and we had leftover Thanksgiving for dinner before I started putting lights on the tree.  There's thirteen strings of lights on that tree.  Yes boys and girls, that's 780 lights.  I didn't get any ornaments on because I only had twelve strings and needed to go out and buy the extra one.

Saturday I cleaned the house; went to Target for one more string of lights (which I added to the tree); cooked the squash, cooked the sweet potatoes, baked a pie and assembled a second for freezing; helped Bob rack off a couple of carboys so that he could move the cider from the downstairs shower stall into glass.  Did some non-tree Christmas decorating.

Today - cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my father in law.  I didn't do too badly.  My mashed potatoes need help - obviously I need to make them more often.  Not the best stuffing I've made, but I know what my mistakes were.  Either he enjoyed dinner or he's exquisitely polite. 

Various thoughts:

I forgot to take the car through emissions.  I'll need to do that on one of the vacation days I'm taking in December.

I need to bake the cookies for the ring soteltie for Yule next Saturday.  I think I'll do that tomorrow.

I think I want Charlotte to NOT see me trimming the tree.  I don't want her to see me touching the ornaments and thinking she can too...

I have a kid who dozes in the cookie and candy aisles and drives me to distraction in the produce section begging for apples.  Hurray.

The same kid has decided this evening that she's not interested in sippy cups any more.  She want the top off.  Life is going to be messy for a while.  There were three costume changes today.

Oh - did I mention the inevitable affect all these apples are having?

I made too much squash.  Again.  It just always looks so small in the store...

Daytime television is a waste of transmission power.  The people on "Let's Make a Deal" are kind of creepy.  I wonder if Drew Carey wears a back brace to protect against all those women who jump on him?

I got a notice in the mail of my ten year service plaque from work.  My anniversary date is in February.  I guess they're keeping me?

Mom gave me all of the glass ornaments from my childhood, including the tree top. Which is good, because all the bulbs are burned out in mine and even the internet is failing me in my attempt to find more...

I had other deep meaningful thoughts over the past week, but I couldn't summon the enthusiasm to post them and I've forgotten.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.
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