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I'm on vacation

and I'm not very good at it any more.  I have to keep fighting the urge to call co-workers.  Seriously.  Yesterday I thought about "dropping by" the office.  This is PROFOUNDLY unhealthy, and indicative of why I shouldn't wait a whole year to take any vacation time.

So since I am attempting to give over today to nothing but laziness (and laundry, but that has become non-optional,) I'm gonna go completely stream of consciousness here.  Because today I can't be bothered to compose nicely or check my grammar.

Apologies in advance.

On Friday I stopped by the department's new digs to scope out the new filing system with our file librarian.  She and I had some concerns so we went over to see the new cabinet system in person, and also crawl through the new space top to bottom, so to speak.  Unfortunately all of our concerns about functionality, or lack thereof were bourne out, but at this point there's just not a damn thing to be done about it.  Facilities went ahead and ordered this system without consulting with us or understanding how we work with our files.  We're just going to have to get used to it and make it work - what other choice is there?  That won't stop people from bitching, though.  The thing that really pissed me off though was that I lost my phone somewhere in there.  Mind you - I disliked that phone intensely, but I'm not a person who loses things and it soured my mood for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning I packed up the family (because Bob wanted to see) and headed back to North Campus to see if it had turned up.  I hadn't wanted to go out, but this wasn't terribly onerous.  You see, the new office is 5.5 miles from my front door.  I'm sure you can tell how heartbroken I am about this.  Security hadn't had a phone turned in, and a second crawl through all the places I had been failed to turn it up.  Annoying, that.  So we headed home, put the cranky girl down for a nap, and headed out to do battle with the leaves.

I'm really wanting that chipper/shredder.

I did, however get to play with the leaf blower.  Bob thinks it's pretty useless, but I think it's a difference in approach.  While it's not nearly as effective at getting the leaves out of the pachysandra as I had wanted, it was fabulous for clearing the areas where I couldn't effectively get the rake, or places where the rake would pull out things that needed to stay.  So I blew leaves and Bob hauled leaves and Charlotte napped, and we all carried on like that until all the light was gone.

Biceps.  I have biceps.  Who knew?

We started Sunday with a trip to the mall so that I could replace my phone.  I got a new sim card, but failed to find a phone at the store that I could live with, so we roamed the rest of the mall.  Did some window shopping, got a Christmas gift for my dad, had lunch.  Stopped at Target and found a phone.  Stopped at the grocery store on the way home.  Most kids whine and beg in the cookie or candy aisles.  MINE whines and begs in the produce section.  Let's just say that I'm going to travel with an apple in my purse for the foreseeable future...

Got home, put her down for a nap, went out to do battle with the leaves, and got them all wrapped up.  At this point it'll just be touch-up until the snow flies.  I tried to clear out under all the mountain laurels to see if that helps with the leaf spot.  That's just not going to happen - it's not reasonable to rake the WOODS.  We've got mountain laurel EVERYWHERE.  Not that any of it blooms.  I'm going to try a fungicide in the spring and see if that helps. 

I was also pleased to notice that the back looks like a really bad lawn with some big dead spots.  This is a huge improvement from the really big dead spot with some weeds.  Come spring, we weed and feed, then seed.  Then seed some more.  I'm very, very excited about this.

I've decided that I prefer vinca for groundcover to pachysandra.  It's a TON easier to rake out.

There's some sort of evergreen thing in the front by the side door that I'm not fond of.  I'm thinking about taking it out when we redo the front walk, and it it looks too bare, replace it with a dwarf lilac or something.

Yesterday was my expensive day.  The technician came out to clean and tune up the boiler, so the last chapter of the boiler flue is now complete.  I reupped the service contract, so that was good for over $200.  Then I took a long nap.  That was free.  :-)  Then I packed the cats up into their carriers and headed for the vet.  Becket started howling in the kitchen the moment the door closed behind him, and howled without stop all the way to Cromwell.  He all peed and shat himself pretty quickly into the trip.  This cat doesn't travel well - he lost control of pretty much everything.  The nice folks at the vet toweled him off and hosed out the carrier for me.  They both passed their exam with flying colors, and Nishka's senior bloodwork and urine scan came back perfect.  She's over fourteen years old, and still a kitten in my mind.  Which means that Tashi has been gone for about five years.  I still miss you, love...

At any rate, the vet was another $400+.  I could have skipped her blood screen, but at this age I want to be sure that everything is going well with her health.  I got us home from the vet, hauled Becket up the bathroom, shut us in, and broke out the baby shampoo.

I don't recommend cat bathing as a hobby.  It's difficult.  And loud.  But at the end he smelled like baby shampoo, not urine.

This morning I slept in until almost this afternoon.  I'm going to throw in a load of laundry or two, because it's out of control.  I'm going to knit another cabled mitten.  Then around 4:00 I'll go pick up Charlotte, as Bob dropped her off so I could sleep in.

Knitting.  I think I'll do some knitting.  But I'm not putting on shoes until I have to.
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