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Random Stuff

I have a terrible cold, and I'm out of sorts.  I'm hoping it's the family cold rather than the office cold.  I don't have time for either, but if it's the office cold, I'm hosed.

Today is picture day at day care.  I wasn't happy with the pictures from her birthday this year, so I'm participating.  I dressed her up in a dress that she obviously isn't going to wear again - as I was buttoning it I was starting to wonder if I needed a Plan B.  She's gotten rounder again.  Guess it's time to pack up and say good bye to all those 24 month dresses.  Shame - they're cute.  Hopefully she will perform better for this photographer than the other one.

I've got the biggest damn calligraphy project on my drawing board right now, and I've gone and gotten sick.  Timing, eh?

I know we needed rain, but enough already.

I need to get the cats to the vet, and I just can't face it.

Every time I start to feel caught up at work, another avalanche of paper comes pouring in.  I can't wait for next week when the lawyers to a corporate conference in California.  A week without the attorneys is generally a very productive week.

I want to go home.  Home has my bed, and my cats, and my neti pot.


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Oct. 7th, 2010 12:20 am (UTC)
Here's hoping that whichever cold it is, it is mild and/or short lived. Hopefully as decent a night's sleep as it lets you have and the supposed ending of the rain this evening will have you feeling better tomorrow. Katy has recently discovered tea, and said that it made her feel much better with her version of our family cold.

James is fending it off at the moment. I was wondering why he was even more morose than usual at the mortgage broker's yesterday, and why he was reacting so negatively to hearing about the costs involved - I'm usually the one who freaks out about money, and I'm comfortable with it. Having figured out that he was sick, and then him taking a nap and having some chocolate improved his outlook on life considerably. That and the fact that there really shouldn't be any more expenses coming along that we don't know about./crossed fingers.
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