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Today I got back word that of the seven stations I had no addresses for, six of them are no longer with us - Luke tells me they were mostly UHF stations, and asked if I remembered the bunny ears.

We did not have bunny ears on the television.  WE had a huge muckin' antenna on the roof, and a little box with a dial on top of the TV.  You changed the channel and (as I recall) pushed down on the dial and turned it to the marked spot where you could pick up that particular channel.  That would signal the antenna on the roof to turn to (hopefully) the right spot.  We generally got the big affiliates more clearly out of NYC than Hartford, so we watched the schedule out of NY.  PBS was difficult - it was a lot of "a little more, a little more, a little more... too far - go back!"  How badly you wanted to watch something determined how much snow in the picture you would put up with.

Cable came down the road sometime in the late 80s, and the antenna came off the roof.  Dad kept it for the longest time though, leaned up against the back of the barn.  I'm not sure when it disappeared, or where it went.

Now I have 100 channels of basic cable, and there's seldom anything I actually want to watch.

But I don't miss the antenna.
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