kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Poor Wardrobe Choices

So this morning when I flipped past the company's internal web page I noticed that there was a note about changes in security on campus, and access thereto.  I'm not located on the main campus, but once a year or so I need to go there.  I opened the article and further down there was a note that the third class of new security staff have graduated and will be starting.  We're in the process of changing from a hired security company to having it in-house.  So of course, our new security has new uniforms.  Care to venture a guess what the new uniforms look like?

Red shirts and black pants.  Security is wearing red shirts.

Seriously?  Someone thought this was a good idea?  Has no one in Facilities ever watched Star Trek?

At least we know who is going to take the hit if it all goes bad.
Tags: work

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