kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Things that are just Wrong

1.  Japanese Knotweed.  Now that it's flowering and I know what I'm looking for, that crap is EVERYWHERE.  Seriously.  Along the highways, along roads where there isn't lawn, along all the waterways.  Heck - I noticed yesterday that the banks of Trout Brook in West Hartford are becoming almost completely engulfed.  I wonder if anyone has noticed?

2.  "Money for Nothing" on the oldies station.

3.  Retired people driving in no hurry to get anywhere during rush hour.  Seriously?  Dude, pull over and let the line of traffic who needs to be at the office go by.  Meander to the grocery store on your own time - I'm trying to get on the clock.

4.  In a related category, self-appointed enforcers of the speed limit.  You, sir, are just an ass.

5.  Parents waiting for the school bus who park up the street so that traffic can't pass.  I get that the law requires you to wait with your little darlings.  I even get that if you're heading to work as soon as they've been picked up, it makes sense to bring the car for a faster getaway.  But for those of you who are obviously NOT heading off to the office (sweatpants, anyone?) - WALK to the damn stop.  Remember that obesity epidemic?  If you MUST bring the car, for the love of God, park as far onto the damn shoulder as you can and keep clear of the intersection.  Most of them seem to just pull up to the stop sign and put it in park.  You can sit in a line of "traffic" for several minutes before realizing that they're all parked and you need to drive up the oncoming lane.

6. Bubbly co-workers at 8:30am.  Pre-caffeine.

Today is the first day of school in Bristol, so I'm sure that I'll have a wholly schoolbus related list soon.
Tags: who thought this was a good idea?

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