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We're on the Nevada Secretary of State's website!!!

Okay, some of you are baffled and none of you care, but it's a huge step.  Let's see if I can explain coherently.

State business licenses in Nevada used to be handled by the Department of Taxation.  Then effective on October 1, 2009 the state legislature reorganized things and said that business licenses and their fees would be handled by the office of the Secretary of State.  Apparently Tax took their ball and went home - this is the phrase from the lady in the SoS's office, not mine.  I couldn't get proof that we actually have a license in Nevada because the SoS's office didn't have access to any of the records.  The Tax department "isn't playing nicely with others," so if you call them, they tell you to call the SoS's office.  So the official answer of how to get proof of our state license (that is required as part of the application for the county license) was "you can't if it predates October 1, 2009."

What a way to run a railroad.  However, the lady at the SoS's office that I got to talk to after holding for 45 minutes was very nice, and as helpful as she could possibly be.

Apparently our renewal has come around, and whoever the mysterious employee at our corporate parent is who handles such things - handled it.  I would *really* like to know who that is.  I have a printout from the website that shows an expiration date, which means that I can proceed with the local application.

Of such things dreams are made.  Around here on a random Tuesday, at least.

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