kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Holy Crap

So yesterday we tried Charlotte in the twin bed for a nap.  She wouldn't lay down there, so we jailed her in the crib and moved her after she fell asleep.  Last night she slept in the crib as usual.  Today she had her nap in the pack and play, because we were down at my parents' house to help dad install a new storm door.  And to provide a Charlotte fix for Grandma, of course. 

Tonight she insisted that she wanted to go night-night in the bed.  She collected her blanket and her bears, laid down, we turned out the lights and left.  It is dead quiet up there.

It *can't* be this easy.

My fear?  She's up there uncontainerized.  That's terrifying.
Tags: charlotte, milestones

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