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The House Ate My Life

Oof.  More house stuff.  You'd think that I'd have given up and done something creative by now.  But no.  My drawing board sits unloved, gathering dust.  So does my fabric.  So sad.

However, we now have a spare bedroom.  A really, really cluttered, not finished, you're-not-leaving-that-wallpaper-are-you spare bedroom.  You can SEE that there is a bed under the boxes.  It even has a mattress pad on it!  I don't know where the twin sheets are, but that's a story for another day.  This is what I accomplished on Saturday while my husband was blowing 8 or so inches of new snow out of the driveway.  Then we went out and shopped for bathroom storage units.  Sunday involved putting said units together, and fussing over the bathroom, which is actually starting to look nice.  Covering over the delft blue and white looking linoleum with navy blue rugs helped immensely.  Ah, the exciting life of a new homeowner.

Yesterday was more exiciting house stuff.  After scaling the front steps which currently resemble the north face of K2 (I have huge hopes that today's spring like temperatures have changed that), I dove into the library.  Shuffled boxes, moved bales, and disassembled the flat files so that I could get to the platform underneath.  The legs on the platform are now cut down from 18" to 10", and the whole assembly now fits below the windowsill.  Yay!  The ability to open the window makes me happy. I don't *want* to, but I *could.*  Then I got to reassemble the flat files.  Then I unrolled the vellum that I bought last August.  Running a liiiitle behind here...  While I was doing that, the husband lowered the new dining room chandelier by two links.  It's a little ridiculous how much better something that insignificant looks...

Isn't it great?  I had this delusion that I'd buy a house, move in, and have my own space to work on projects.  Projects OTHER than the house.  I guess if that was the case I shouldn't have bought a house that needed to have every single room repainted.

This afternoon on my lunch break?  I went to Home Depot and picked up paint chips.  For the bedroom.
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