kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Public Service Announcement

It's time to pimp another one of my friend's businesses (I'm pretty sure that I made all of that plural and possessive incorrectly, but I don't care enough to dig out Strunk and White.)

kass_rants' Reconstructing History www.reconstructinghistory.com is a fun store, and she's just a fun person.  Her lovely husband has also known to be moderately entertaining from time to time.

Seriously, where were these patterns when I was desperate for them twenty-mumble years ago?  At this point I'm making most of my 14th century garb from measurements and draping rather than patterns, but  I'm seriously tempted.  I'm thinking that I should pick up the men's accessories pattern - this one -


because I haven't quite gotten the hang of braes yet, and I'm kind of afraid to try the shorter, fitted version.  There are some portions of his anatomy that Bob doesn't want the circulation cut off to...

She's also tempting me to the 15th century.  I mean, this would be flattering even now that I've gotten stout, wouldn't it?


But then there's the coifs.  All much later in time, but so lovely.  Eloise has been dead for 300 years by the time these are appropriate...


Or do you think I should go with "Charlotte" for my Charlotte?  Maybe I should pick up the pattern and start working on it now, in case she goes to the late-period dark side...


So many centuries to reenact, so little time.



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