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Getting Irritated

How the heck do I find out if there is an ATM in the Geneva International Airport.  I've already determined that *some* taxis take credit cards, but I want a plan B.

It would be much less frustrating if *I* was going to Switzerland, but it's my boss.  I've nailed down everything except getting her from GVA to the hotel - and she won't have local currency.

Very frustrating.  Grrr.

EDIT: information procured, *including* checking the rate of exchange so that she knows roughly how many Swiss francs she'll need AND how much that equates to in US dollars.  Good value for the dollar in Switzerland still...



Jul. 8th, 2010 12:28 pm (UTC)
Random thoughts that made me think
I travelled in high school & college in the old days -- with traveller's checks. When I went overseas as a grownup for the first time I bought traveller's checks...and was soooo delighted to spot the euro-exchange booth at the airport. Give them an American credit card, they give you euros. Woo hoo! Although since then my credit card's per-month foreign-exchange fee has turned into a per-transaction fee so I am less excited.
Add to that, I have had traveller's checks reissued when lost/stolen-- so I will probably not give them up completely as long as I can get them for free with my AAA membership.
Jul. 8th, 2010 12:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Random thoughts that made me think
Ah - except almost no one *accepts* traveler's checks any longer. And a lot of banks in the US won't accept them so that you can get your cash back - even if it's the bank that issued them. Too many problems with fraud. They have gone the way of the dodo (or are well on the way.)

I just need to get her about CFH 40 for the taxi, and she'll be all set, and there are several ATMs in the arrival area. If she can get a cab that'll take credit cards though, that will make the expense report MUCH easier. Plastic all the way, baby!