kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Random Photo of the Week

More from Utah.  I took good pictures in Utah.

These are some of the bison that live on Antelope Island.  They're not native to Utah - they were introduced in the 1800's.  The interesting thing about this particular herd of bison is that they were brought in before the numbers on the great plans completely crashed, and they are genetically distinct from the remaining animals in the mid-west.  This could be very important for genetic diversity in the future.

Here's the pretty picture...

...and here's the picture of the way not to see the bison on Antelope Island.  We were stuck while they were crossing the road in the most leisurely fashion possible.  This is after we've read all the signs warning you not to approach the bison because they are large, dangerous, unpredictable animals.  Personally, I was glad to be in a car with a top.  The first photo is courtesy of a fairly decent telephoto lens, by the by.

The shiny bit in the background of this one is the Great Salt Lake.  It was amazingly reflective.  Stinky, though!  Those mud flats between us and the lake *reek*.

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