kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Anyone Want a Wine Press?

I have permission to be asking this question, I'm not just randomly giving his things away.  Especially since he reads all of this (hi hon!)

We're cleaning.  And purging and downsizing.  We have too much stuff.  One of the items of stuff that we have is an old wine press that we once had great ambitions for.  We have slightly different ambitions these days, so Bob has allowed that the wine press should have a new home, and I figured I'd see if anyone I know wants it before we do the "ad in the paper" thing.

It's old - circa 1931 or so, and home made.  Also well-loved (read that as "well-used.")  Includes base, cage, and weight for pressing.  I can't recall if we had a cross piece for turning the screw.  It'll need cleaning, and a good rinse in C-Brite or bleach or something, but should be fine after that.  It's also not small.  I'll post dimensions later, as I don't know them off hand.  Perhaps a picture also.

Depending on if anyone in my local area wants it, you can either come pick it up, or we might be able to deliver.  If you know my car, I can tell you that it fits in the back - it came home in my car originally.  It will not, however, fit in my car with a car seat installed in the back, which is why I say "might."

Cleaning out the garage - one odd item at a time...
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