kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Does anyone recognize these flowers?

golden_meliades , lucianus  and jdulac , I'm particularly thinking of you...

Here's the first one - sorry for the bad pictures.  They're between a foot and two feet tall, and I'm thinking it's some variety of campanula.  Any opinions?

This horrible picture was just for the leaf/plant structure:


This is the one that is really making me nuts.  It's not in bloom yet, but I need to plan where to move it, and I don't know what it wants!  You can see the flower spikes just starting to form.  It gets a long, droopy spike of teeny tiny white flowers - very pretty.  I can post new pictures once one blooms if we come up empty.  Also about a foot to two feet tall.

Tags: garden

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