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The husband and I have made an agreement.  Sometime next year we're going to take a couple of vacation days to make a long weekend and Go Away.  NOT to do anything - to go away.  Take a big pile of books, the laptop, and go somewhere just to not be home and therefore obliged to clean or paint something.  Find a hotel nice enough to be, well, nice, but not SO "nice" that I'm having angst about how much it's costing me.  I'm looking for four days to force myself to slow down.

So it needs to be a reasonable driving distance from central CT, which is a goodly sized bit of the eastern seaboard.  Not too close to a good museum - I'd have to plan things then (hence Canada is out.)  I'm thinking three days of sleeping in, going to bed early if I'm tired, sitting with my feet up and a book - and no way of actually doing anything useful.

Any suggestions?


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