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Daycare has asked us to please put Charlotte in shoes with laces, rather than velcro.  It seems that she took her shoes and socks off four times yesterday in the sandbox.

This is partly my fault and partly their fault.  It's my fault because at home I've told her that she should have bare feet in the sandbox.  She has obviously taken this injunction to heart.  It's partly their fault because every single piece of paper that has come home has clearly said shoes with velcro ONLY.  Hello?  I'm just following directions, here.  So I'm going to go out on lunch hour and buy her some shoes that tie.  It has occurred to me that this is going to pose us a bit of a problem.

If she's going to wear shoes with laces, I'm going to start showing her how to tie them.  I am not going to raise a velcro kid.  She's going to tie her shoes, lace her gowns, and fasten whatever else needs to be fastened.  Here's the thing - her father and I tie bows completely differently.  Seriously - his method and mine bear no resemblance to each other.  Which means that we're going to confuse the living daylights out of this kid.

I think we're going to teach her my way - because mine is correct, of course.  :-)

EDIT:  Who knew we were all so interested/passionate about shoe tying?
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