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More Pics from Daily Life Schola

These are actually mine.

I built this fire with my own little hands.  And a grill lighter.

Pies!  The one on the left is vynehorn 's egg and cheese tart (which I need to ask her for the recipe for), the one on the right is my usual pork pie.  Oh, by the way, thatpotteryguy ?  I think we need more unglazed pie pans...

This is Fritz teaching a class on starting and maintaining a fire.  Obviously I should have taken it, but I didn't get over there - Charlotte is in barnacle-baby phase.  I did get a refresher talk on quill cutting, so I'm quite pleased regardless.

What good is it to be a parent if you can't take these sorts of pictures?  I call this one "crashed and burned."

Her mother's daughter - she doesn't wake up gracefully.

It occurs to me that I haven't told you about my chimney debacle yet either...



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May. 25th, 2010 03:46 pm (UTC)
I LOVE THESE -- That next-to-last one looks so much like Mommy!
"Oh really, you want WHAT!?"

She's so cute. And the event looked like so much fun. It's too darned bad I didn't get to go....what a shame I had to miss it for such a little thing like Rob's fever spiking to 103+ repeatedly. <:o BTW Rob's read up on ovens, it's something he wants to try also.
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