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Daily Life Schola

This past weekend was the Daily Life Schola, held at Holcomb Farm in West Granby, CT.  It was absolutely fabulous, and I'll chatter more about it later, when I have time to type up a coherent entry.

But until then, our newest SCA member Jeff took absolutely spectacular pictures.  I didn't take many, but I'll try to get them out of the camera tonight.

I have absolutely no idea what I was pointing at, but I'm sure that it made sense at the time.

Charlotte is in the finest almost two attitude of "I don't know you - you're not MY people."  Hence the dubious look on her face in all of these photos...

Yes, he's working on growing the moustache back.  It's a little scraggly right now.

I was very, very happy that I caught Bob before he left the house and had him grab the welding gloves that I had forgotten.  It was hot in there...

vynehorn and I really loved this oven.  I wonder what it would take to build one in the back?

I'm watching you...

I'm still watching you.  Don't make me set the mommy on you...

This is Bob - he's the farm cat.  He's a nice boy, but I think he really prefers fewer people - towards the end of the day he was getting a bit irritable.  I think every event should have an event cat roaming around.

Descriptions later - right now I've got a Board Memo to get out.


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