kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Tomorrow - the roof!

Tomorrow the wonderful people from Northeastern Chimney are coming to put a stainless steel liner in my boiler flue.  In return, they will take away with them about a month's worth of my pay.


I don't begrudge the expense at all - it's an excellent investment in the house.  That will leave me with steel liners in the two most potentially dangerous flues - the woodstove (chimney fires) and the boiler (carbon monoxide.)  These are extremely good things.  It's just that for the same amount of money I could have two full days of tree work (sun on the roof!); or a new well pump (rocking water pressure!); or new doors for the entire first floor.  I can't *see* my shiny new boiler flue.

What I CAN see though, is my incredibly cleaned up basement.  I'm loving that.
Tags: house

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