kls_eloise (kls_eloise) wrote,

Door project

So here is the door project that I've been yapping about for weeks.  I really didn't want to do a partially done photo, so here it is in all it's "glory."  Sad that I get so excited about this sort of thing these days.

Before - once again I forgot to take this picture until I already had things disassembled.  Ignore the ladder, and imagine a black lantern slightly too small for the space.

And... after!  The colors are actually slightly darker, but the flash skews the color values a bit.  I love the new storm door.  It's one of those "self storing" doors - the storm pane for the top piece sits doubled up with the glass pane on the bottom.  When you want to change from screen to storm you click the latches (exactly like working a double-hung window) and raise the glass pane.  The screen rolls up into the top frame of the door like an old fashioned window shade.  It's really neat.  I have to admit this project gave me some angst because making changes to the *outside* of the house is so... irrevocable.  But I'm very pleased.  It actually looks inviting instead of foreboding.  I'll get the nice wrought iron hook back up in the ceiling, hang a flowering plant, and it'll be downright cheery!

I suppose I ought to have the housewarming party pretty soon, eh?  We closed on August 30 of last year...


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