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Chimney Interrupted

Remember that the reason for my basement project was that Northeastern Chimney was coming on May 10 to put a stainless steel liner in  my boiler flue?

Not so much.

I'm not really cross.  They called on Saturday during the thundering portion of the morning to explain that Mother Nature was not cooperating, and they were going to have to finish up that job on Monday and reschedule us as soon as possible.  I can't argue with a supervisor who doesn't want his crew up on the roof with a huge stainless steel tube when you can hear thunder.  I really can't.  So we're just waiting to hear from them about a new date.

In the meantime, I've got a plan for the few dregs of my stuff that need to be dealt with down there, and I'm trying to help Bob finish up with his stuff.  That'll mean some more quality time in the crawl space, but it shouldn't be too bad.

Next, I'm going to start putting that 30 minutes a day in on the sewing room.  I'm hoping I can have that completed by the end of the month.  It's less square footage, but the stuff is more fiddley.  I've been blowing off sewing dates with Vynehorn because I can't even *find* my projects.  That needs to be gotten under control.  Besides - there's another big piece of furniture stashed in there that needs to go to the Salvation Army.  If I do that first, it'll get me some room for my feet while I clean up the rest. 

The puzzler in there is that I've got boxes of old photos that Mom schlepped off on me.  In the long run I need to sort them, label them, and ideally get them into some sort of acid free album.  But in the short term I have to find someplace out of the way to stash them.  The attic isn't ideal, but that's where they've been.  Unfortunately, my attic may have mice, and that possibility is unacceptable.  Basements are damp by definition, so that's sub-optimal too.  Closet space is at a premium.  Maybe the answer is that it's a project that needs to come to the top of the list - just to manage the stuff.  Is it possible to just get a plain old scrapbook with nice acid free pages?  Nothing fancy from the "scrapbooking" genre - just an album wherein I can mount old photos.  Oh - and I'd really prefer not to spend a mortgage payment on it.

So - next I clean out the sewing room.  I wonder how Bob would feel about going to the Salvation Army tomorrow?  Hmmm...


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May. 11th, 2010 12:09 pm (UTC)
why yes, I was once an archivist...why do you ask?
Yes. Now if I can only find where I put my list of stuff from way back when I worked in the archive... Online will be your friend. Your friendly librarians may have a list if I don't turn mine up soon.

One archivist trick you could use to delay the problem is getting a ream of acid-free paper to put between pictures in acid-free file folders... but that returns to the 'where do I put the boxes' probelm. There's also acid-free cardstock with safe mounting corners, and a chemical-free inserts for 3ring binders.

I'll have to look at home though, because the corporate firewall has gotten much stricter this month. Some of these might be of interest -

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